Now is the Time to Redesign Your Org Structure

Now is The Time to Redesign Your Org Structure

Growth-focused agencies should always be looking for new ways to improve their performance, but even more so now in our current economic and competitive climate — especially if your agency has had to reduce or furlough staff. Now, more than ever, agencies that have moved away from traditional hierarchical org structures have been able to adapt better and faster than others.

If you haven’t adjusted your org structure for our current reality, this is an area that can produce significant performance gains on many fronts — beyond what you may think is possible. But if you’re looking for best practices, you’re missing the opportunity in front of you. Your agency’s structure should generate a differentiating edge, and you won’t gain an advantage by copying what others have done. It’s time to break from legacy thinking and push toward new ways of reconfiguring your agency.

In this webinar, Brian Kessman, Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, speaks with our President, Matt Chollet, about why your agency’s org structure may be holding you back. Gain a new perspective, guidance, and next steps for redesigning your org structure to unleash your agency’s full potential. 

Key takeaways:

  • How structure can lift (or limit) creative services
  • How to tell good structure from bad structure
  • The benefits of moving away from “Project-Teams” to form “Creative-Product Teams”
  • How to uncover your agency’s “Value Architecture” as the foundation for optimal structure
  • How to create outcome-driven roles for accountability and entrepreneurial thinking
  • How to distribute authority for smarter, faster decision-making and action
  • How to assess your current structure and uncover new opportunities to improve your performance

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Is Your Agency Ready to Outsource Lead Generation?

Is Your Agency Ready to Outsource Lead Generation

Outsourcing lead generation is a great option for many agencies. It supplements already over-taxed in-house business development leaders and allows an agency team to stay focused on its core strengths instead of trying to master a job no one at the agency wants (or, in many cases, is suited for).

But just because you’re outsourcing a job you dislike to an expert doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful.

In this webinar, new business strategist Jody Sutter will offer you a blueprint for success. She’ll show you the right foundation to have in place before you start generating leads and the formula to follow to increase the chances of turning those leads into closed business.

Key takeaways:
– Common mistakes agencies make that undermine success—and how to avoid them
– The four essential tools to have in your new business toolkit before you start
– A step-by-step framework to ensure you convert leads into new agency business—from hand-off to close

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The Adaptable Agency Model

The Adaptable Agency Model

This webcast is a thought-provoking talk with Brian Kessman, Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, on refocusing your agency’s business strategy and updating your delivery model during today’s climate to begin winning more of your ideal clients and delivering better work, faster, with lower costs.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Examples of agencies with a strong business strategy
  • How to determine if your own strategy is incomplete
  • How to align your business strategy and delivery model
  • Proven day-to-day practices of high-performing organizations
  • How the role of a manager is changing, and why you may need fewer of them
  • Why traditional agency structure is slow and costly, and how to change it
  • Principles for creating a high performing agency
  • A model for cultural and organizational change (how to avoid change fatigue)

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On-Demand Webinar: 3 New Biz Tips To Better Connect With CMOs in 2019

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Hosted by Matt Chollet & Betsi Nelson

When it comes to agency new business knowing when key marketing decision-makers are rotating up or out of their roles is critical. We’ve found that incoming CMOs are most likely to shakeup their agency roster 3-18 months after they take their post, which should signal a bright flashing light of opportunity to agencies.

Leveraging Winmo’s recent CMO Tenure Analysis Report, our February 21st Webinar will empower agencies to strike while the iron is hot and drive more business with key advertisers throughout 2019.

During this 30-minute session, expect to walk away with:
  • Key takeaways from the 2,400 tenures examined in the report and a deep examination of how gender also affects CMO Tenure
  • How to prioritize CMO outreach across industries including CPG, Finance, Retail and more
  • How to build an effective outreach cadence that will capture the attention of top CMOs at the perfect time

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On-Demand Webinar: What Drives Value in the New World of Marcoms M&A

As an agency executive, you need to know what is happening in the industry from an M&A perspective and how it can affect your agency. Luckily, Catapult has an amazing partner in Charles Fallon from SI Partners who provides first-hand industry insights throughout this on-demand webinar.

Regardless of whether you are looking to sell your agency now, 10 years from now, or simply attract a growth partner, Charles will walk you through this complex world step by step.

We will cover specific topics like:
  • Understanding the new buyers in our market
  • Looking at the acquirer landscape as a whole and how it’s changed since last year
  • Attracting a growth partner
  • Becoming a more attractive agency before selling
  • Getting the most value out of your agency


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(Webinar) Social Media Isn’t Working for Ad Agency New Business

If your agency’s social media participation isn’t developing new business leads, it’s important to know WHY and WHAT to do about it.

In order to help improve your social media presence, Michael Gass of Fuel Lines walks you through a seven step blueprint for using social media for new business as well as tools, tactics, and tips to get a return on your investment.

This webinar will take you through the following:

  • Why most agencies aren’t having success with social media for new business.
  • A seven step blueprint for using social media for new business.
  • Tools, tactics, and tips to get the most return on your daily time investment.
  • Examples of what a successful new business program looks like.

Social Media Isn’t Working for Ad Agency New Business from Catapult New Business on Vimeo.

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(Webinar) Mandatory Technology for Agency New Business

Most agencies are running their new business programs with as few human beings as possible. With fewer people, the need to be efficient and effective is paramount. Considering the martech space has expanded at an incredible rate, it can be difficult to know exactly which technologies will help and which will hinder your new business efforts. Agency efforts are different from other sales needs, so we wanted to concentrate on where your money and time is best spent to make technology your best tool to drive new business.

Mandatory technology for agency new business from Catapult New Business on Vimeo.

In our latest webinar, we set out to give our agencies insight around technology that we see as the most effective for new business. Matt Chollet, EVP of Agency Growth at Catapult New Business, discussed which types of technologies that you need and then offered suggestions from our extensive experience with different brands.

What we covered:

  • The best technology stack for agency new business
  • Small staff? Where technology can make you more efficient
  • Where to best spend your tech budget for more leads
  • Specific technology reviews used in agency biz dev


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(Webinar) So many agencies. So little difference.

Is your agency truly unique?  Or are you one of the thousands of agencies selling the same products and services? Almost all agencies claim to be unique, different or better while using essentially the same descriptors as the others. The truth is, most prospects (advertisers) can barely tell the difference in your agency and your biggest competitor.

In this session we looked to fix that by discussing:

  • Your differentiator isn’t different at all
  • How to find your difference
  • Using your differentiator to generate more opportunities

For any business development program to be successful, we need to take this first step of identifying a truly unique position.  Once that positioning is in place content and distribution becomes much more effective.  Hopefully this webinar will give you a great first step in finding your uniqueness!

Our guest host this month was John Heenan.  Be sure to check out his website for other great insights and content!

So many agencies. So little difference. from Catapult New Business on Vimeo.

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