On Demand Webinar: Getting Started With Lists

Getting Started with Lists Webinar

Research shows that brands are not only looking at capabilities but industry expertise and case studies before compiling a shortlist of agencies to work with. To be in the best position to win new clients, agencies need to find their Right to Win. 

In this webinar, Catapult and Winmo share the first steps to take before prospecting and pitching your capabilities to brands. You will walk away from this webinar with a strategy and an action plan. Winmo demonstrates how to pull a prospecting list using the steps outlined in order to have the best chance at winning your next client. 

These questions are answered during the recording, but you can submit your questions through the chat and the Catapult team will be able to respond in real-time. 

Questions answered in this webinar include:

What is your Right to Win?
How do you qualify your Right to Win?
How do I find my Right to Win in Winmo?

Getting Started With Lists


Marissa Martin

As Senior Marketing Manager of Catapult New Business, Marissa leads our agencies' proactive marketing efforts by ensuring that they are creating content and processes that drive new business revenue.