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The tech, platform, and SaaS space have never been more crowded and undifferentiated. Buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, many times showing up to the beginning of the sales process with a ton of research already done.  The problem?  Marketing doesn’t always drive the right prospects to your sales team.  That’s where Catapult comes in.  Our goal is to proactively find and engage the prospects that best fit your team’s most after prospects.

We align with your current sales team (no matter the size) in order to help:

Drive The Initial Lead

Drive The Initial Lead

Tour Your Platform or Software

Tour Your Platform or Software



Close The Deal

Close The Deal

This means your team can focus more on other places of growth, such as organic opportunities or enterprise deals, while we focus on making new deals happen.

As your outsourced partner, we integrate fully into your brand and language in order to ensure that all of our efforts align with your brand’s voice as if we were sitting in your office every day.  Most importantly, our Account-Based Marketing approach ensures that we are driving real, quality meetings, rather than burning through spam in people’s email or LinkedIn accounts.  

When it comes to sales, our focus is on the revenue driven, not the number of leads.  And the best way to drive more revenue is to put an Account-Based sales process in place like Catapult has done for years.

Here’s the technology we use to drive revenue for your organization:


Each growth plan is unique.

During our strategic process, we work with you to define the most successful path to growing your business. Each step is led by your dedicated strategy and business development director and supported by our research, tech, and data teams.

RFI & Discovery

Catapult opens access to a shared folder with RFI and requests pertinent assets and begins background and deep dive.


Your dedicated team at Catapult will host an introduction call with your organization to discuss timing expectations and the overall goals of the program.

Deep Dive

We’ll conduct a kickoff meeting to explore the RFI, assets provided, and any questions from our team. In this meeting, your organization will present your capabilities and 2-3 case studies.

Go-To-Market Activation Plan

Our team will deliver an activation plan that outlines our in-market approach with sales campaigns, content, messaging, asset requirements, and the initial prospect universe based on the business development strategy.

Once we’ve established the key accounts you are best suited to win, we identify deep, accurate prospecting lists to support our sales outreach. We work with your team to ensure lists and contacts are not duplicated and that we’re on target with your ideal customer accounts and key decision-makers.

As we build lists and conduct contact research, you’ll have access to our sibling brand, Winmo – a sales intelligence platform that provides accurate, targeted decision-maker details and agency/brand relationships.

In Market

Once we’ve confirmed your target list, your new business development director begins their 1-1 sales outreach. We leverage your content using case studies, success stories, and sales platforms where appropriate, to create compelling email cadences and talk scripts that help us identify true opportunities that we continue to nurture and until they are qualified and ready to be handed off to you.

One of the key ingredients to our mutual success is qualifying leads. Catapult conducts a thorough discovery with prospects to uncover their needs, readiness, authority, challenges, and a variety of other criteria that we set together with you before going to market. Our team is equipped with a full sales tech stack that allows them to easily send communications and also meticulously track the progress of key accounts through the pipeline, all supplementary resources included in our partnership.

We’re successful if you’re successful. That’s why we work alongside you through each step of your unique growth plan to ensure our qualified opportunities result in new business for your organization, and that you’re equipped to grow that business over the first 12-months.