Problems We Solve

Creating a Consistent New Business Machine That Works

Problems We Solve

Catapult identifies and delivers qualified new business opportunities to our partner agencies on a consistent monthly basis.

We work exclusively with marketing services firms; from advertising agencies, brand, design and innovation firms, to digital and social marketing firms. The one thing they all have in common is a desire to grow, and do so with the freedom of choice.

Problems we solve for our clients include:

  • “We’ve grown our agency through business relationships and referrals, but they’re just not enough anymore.”

    Networking, referrals and repeat business opportunities can be great for your agency, and to be honest, it might even be how you got where you are today – but, there are two distinct areas of concern in solely going down this new business path.

    1. They are not consistent.
      You want consistency. You need it. You will sleep better when you look at your forecast and see engaged prospects throughout each stage of your pipeline. We support our clients in generating engaged conversations with targeted decision-makers and developing a healthy pipeline of qualified new business opportunities that leads to growth for your agency.

    2. They are often not aligned with your capability.
      That project that you’re currently pulling your hair out over, and everyone is bending over backwards for - that’s likely from a referral client that you “won.” What happened was there is no actual pipeline, so you had to take them on. Now you’re trying to figure out how to service them. Or, trying to figure out how you convinced yourself in the first place that this was going to be worth it.

    Our recommendation is do what you’re good at, and what you started the agency to do in the first place. Yes, we all have to bend to meet the needs of our clients but don’t try to become a hippo for a client if you’re really an elephant.

    At Catapult, we see these two hurdles all too often; agencies not having a plan outside of referrals/word of mouth, or being forced to bring on accounts that aren’t best fit by the agency due to poor pipelines.

    As a team of new business experts, we know what it takes to navigate advertising hierarchies, engage with brand decision-makers and convert them into business won for your agency.

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  • “We’ve recruited agency new business people for years, with limited degrees of success. We need to do something differently.”

    According to a recent Hubspot report, 32% of agency owners are not satisfied with their new business sales process and results. If you’re responsible for agency growth this can be an alarming statistic.

    No doubt agency new business isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a dynamic and complex role that requires a hunter mentality, organization, resources, and strategy.

    And that’s what we deliver for our clients. A sales director with at least 10 years of agency new business experience, industry-leading prospecting tools and technology stack, and the leadership expertise that comes from 25+ years of working in the advertising and media industry.

    A new client recently told us they had hired 5 new business directors in the past 6 years. It was costing them, not only the investment, but sanity. (Actually it was costing them the ability to position their agency in a consistent manner to the brands the wanted and needed to win.) They were tired of recruiting, vetting, onboarding, training, and waiting for their new golden goose to get some traction.

    One of the many reasons they, and most of our clients, love us, is our ability to implement results-driven strategies quickly and efficiently.

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  • “We have someone in charge of new business however they need additional help.”

    When you say “in charge”, is that you? …in your spare time? …while you’re running an agency? In reality you probably have -78% bandwidth to actually develop, execute or commit to a consistent new business strategy that’s hitting and exceeding monthly revenue goals. It happens – like most agency owners, you’re wearing multiple hats and working 60+ hours a week to barely push everything across the finish line.

    Or is it the guy you hired for “new business” but you actually pull him in to onboard new clients, help out with reporting, sit in strategy meetings, and make coffee? Being pulled into a million different directions he likely hasn’t had time to implement a new business strategy, develop the right communication strategy or setup the needed technology stack to build a revenue-generating pipeline.

    Whether you have an experienced new business person or not, we support our clients’ new business directors with a consistent strategy that engages and nurtures qualified prospects to the point of conversation or proposal.

    Doesn’t that sound nice? The investment in a team of experts with the capability of committing your new revenue growth day-to-day will dramatically impact the quality and conversion of new client opportunities.

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  • “We’re growing, but not in the strategic direction, or through the type of work we want to be doing for clients.”

    A consistent pipeline of qualified new prospects is the #1 most significant factor for agency health and growth. Whether you’re beginning to think about your exit strategy/acquisition or want to level the peaks and valleys of new revenue inconsistency, developing a proactive approach to driving new revenue dramatically changes your position.

    We have this crazy belief that our agency clients should be able to do the work they love, with brands they get along with. There are approximately 1.9 quadrillion brands out there. The only reason that you aren’t working with the ones that you want, doing the work that you love, is because you don’t have a dedicated, proactive, consistent outbound process, enabling you to connect with qualified new business.

    That’s why you hire us. Throughout our engagement, our team works directly with yours to identify the brands you’re uniquely positioned to win business from. We leverage our data prospecting tools to identify and segment accurate decision-maker data sets to fuel our sales and marketing outreach.

    With a laser-focused sales roadmap and the appropriate new business process, resources and technology to support it agency growth is not only within your grasp but almost guaranteed.

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