Our Group of Brands

Unlike other agency business development companies, Catapult is backed by a group of brands which have deep roots in the media and advertising industry. Under the umbrella of List Partners Inc., Catapult works alongside recognized sales intelligence platforms like Winmo and Localead.

List Partners Inc.

How does Winmo help our outreach?

Over the years Winmo (formerly known as The List Online) has really been the backbone of our sales efforts, providing our new business directors and support team with timely, accurate prospecting data that we use to generate qualified meetings. Aside from accurate decision-maker details and agency/brand relationships Winmo also gives our team access to important new business features like:

  • WinmoEdge (formerly known as DailyVista): A staple in the agency space, WinmoEdge delivers actionable sales opportunities on a daily basis to our team. The best part? Most of them are forecasted leads – meaning we know about potential AOR shifts 3-18 months before they happen.
  • WinmoTalk: a pivotal resource for uncovering hard-to-identify information, our team uses this social forum to connect with other agency new business professionals to learn about hierarchies, brand struggles, needs and decision-maker rosters from those who know first-hand.

How does Localead help our outreach?

Similar to Winmo, Localead is the latest rollout from LPI, providing sales intelligence on a local/regional level. While most of our clients choose to target national advertisers we do have some that are looking for opportunities in their backyard, and that’s where Localead comes in.

Our new business directors and support team leverage Localead to pinpoint the companies and decision-makers within specific states, cities and postal codes. Take a look below: