How to Write Effective Marketing Emails for Lead Gen Campaigns

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Despite the proliferation of channels available these days, email marketing campaigns remain a consistently reliable method to secure leads and gain new customer data (particular in the B2B world). The key is sculpting emails with clear goals in mind that get results from customers with very little attention to give: Try out these methods for sending out lead-friendly emails even in trying circumstances.

Include Your Branding Colors and Designs

A plan text email, no matter how professional your fonts are, won’t attract much interest. You need an email template that makes the email look attractive – like a page straight from your site. Make sure that you use your logo and brand colors somewhere inside the email. They don’t have to overpower your message, but they should be visible. This reminds customers (even subconsciously) where the email is from, and when creating new leads it helps link the email to the rest of the sales funnel.

Calls to Action

An email sent without a call to action is essentially a wasted effort. It may help with brand engagement, but how will you know? A CTA turns the email from a shot in the dark to content with a purpose – and with an excellent way to measures its efficacy. The CTA doesn’t need to be complicated and certainly doesn’t need to result in a sale: Many effective CTAs in emails simply ask viewers to download a report, fill out survey, or visit a product page. Remember, to create a lead you need to take the reader to the next step.

Targeting and Personalization

Targeting is more difficult when focusing purely on lead generation. After all, customer data on leads tends to be thin, which makes targeting with specific products or services challenging. However, more general targeting is possible and advisable: Good lead management provides a number of details about the type of person you are trying to reach. Use your customer personas and demographics information to personalize emails as much as possible by identifying unique needs and offering specific solutions.

Centered Idea

Don’t try to say too much in lead generation emails. If necessary, use newsletters for that kind of thing. Keep the email focused on a single idea or value offering. If you look at the more impressive email marketing campaigns, you’ll notice that (in addition to following some of our previous advice) they all limit themselves to very simple ideas – a new tool to try, a new deal, a press release, etc. Emulate this method.

Something New

Try to give leads something they haven’t heard before. Remember, they will be getting marketing emails every day, filled with promises and deals and “Do you have a problem with this?” messages. Avoid getting lost in the clutter by crafting more innovative subject lines and introductions that show clearly what sets your company apart. If this is problematic, then you need to do some competitor analysis first.

Sales Reward

Promise something to really win a lead’s interest. Use a special code or link to provide a discount that only the email recipient can access: This is a great way to get people involved in the email and lead them straight to your call to action.