The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Operations

Catapult’s mission is to identify, engage and help win new business with the brands that can most benefit from your solutions. Marketing agencies and AdTech companies partner with us when they’ve made the commitment to grow and need a proven, viable and scalable way to do so – with a resource that is focused on proactively creating new opportunities on your behalf. 

Reactive new business teams are always one step behind. Simply responding to a situation – whether an inbound inquiry or a Request for Proposal – without a strategy to arrive at a desired outcome will never propel the business forward. If the team is only prepared to respond to situations rather than create their own opportunities, they may get easily discouraged when a prospect takes too long to respond or make a decision. 

Even worse, waiting for the perfect client can lead to wasted time and effort by responding to prospects who aren’t a great fit. When taking a proactive approach, the team is able to guide the pace of the sales process and better serve the potential client. This also allows the team to ensure they’re meeting with the decision makers who care about the outcomes from the work, resulting in more closed-won business. 

Unlike other lead generation and business development companies, Catapult is backed by two decades of experience serving the entire spectrum of the marketing communications industry from advertising, media, branding, and digital to market research and technology agencies. 

Why Catapult?

Catapult is powered by the most recognized sales intelligence platform in the industry, Winmo. And partners with the premier agency search consulting firm, AAR Partners. These in-house teams of ours provide reliable, accurate sales intelligence and play a pivotal role in our ability to deliver qualified opportunities for our clients

When working with clients we take a prescriptive approach to launching a successful sales development program. Catapult ensures in the first 90-days of activating your new business sales team, you have:

  • Established a resourcing plan to prioritize a proactive sales approach.
  • Activated a Go-To Market strategy with competitive insights and positioning. 
  • Launched a fully operational business development tech stack. 
  • Opened access to sales intelligence through Winmo, which is now used to create targeted prospect lists, track new business triggers, and more.

The benefit of being in-market with messaging within 90-days is that you’ll discover your Right to Win faster. A place where your positioning perfectly matches the needs of your target market and you’ll win more business. 

Having takeaways like this to steer the business development team in the right direction is crucial, especially if timing is a factor in the GTM. 

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Marissa Martin

As Senior Marketing Manager of Catapult New Business, Marissa leads our agencies' proactive marketing efforts by ensuring that they are creating content and processes that drive new business revenue.