How to Build a Predictable Pipeline

Wednesday, April 12th @ 12 PM EST

Ever struggle to predict exactly how much new revenue your agency will be bringing in next year, next quarter, or even next month?  You’re not alone in this.  Most agencies find themselves lacking the processes and strategies to create a consistent, predictable pipeline of new business opportunities.

In our newest webinar, we are setting out to solve this once and for all – providing you with an easy-to-follow framework that both generates and predicts new business opportunities.  We will cover suggested technology systems, agency positioning, new business prospecting techniques, and provide example case studies of how other successful agencies are finding success.  There is a lot to cover in the hour, but our partner Jason Swenk is an agency pro that will give you some immediately actionable takeaways to start growing your pipeline.

What we will cover:

    • How to integrate the right systems in order to grow your agency.
    • How to position your agency as “the choice” vs “a choice.”
    • How to utilize Milestone Marketing to better prospect and drive engagement.
    • How an agency tripled retainer revenue in 2 months by improving their former process.