New Business Practicum Curriculum

New Business Practicum

An expert-led course designed for agency & marketing-services firms committed to developing systematic new revenue growth. 


Your instructors are new business professionals that are in the field every day. They have developed sophisticated strategies for their clients and can attribute tens of millions of dollars in new revenue to validate their expertise.

Two Tracks Based On Your Role Within The Organization:

Principals/Agency Leadership

May 11th

New Business/Account Manager or anyone tasked with new revenue acquisition.

May 13th

Outcomes For Your Firm After Completing The Program:

A customized new business strategy

A comprehensive audit of your new-business readiness

Along with specific tasks to optimize your effectiveness

The initial two phases of outreach will be developed and deployed

Additionally, as a peer-based course, you will have the opportunity to network with and learn from other industry professionals that sit in your seat and navigate similar challenges and growth objectives as you.

Limited spots available for each track
Capped at 8 participants per track



Duration of program:

8 weeks long, 90-minute sessions, 1:00pm

This course will NOT be focused on organic revenue growth or driving in-bound. However, there are inherently organic and inbound opportunities that arise from a consistent, intelligent proactive new business strategy. This course is an active-participation curriculum. Each session will end with a dedicated task to complete. 


Curriculum Overview:

1. Scaling Through Proactive Growth

  • Proactive engagement vs relational/geographic footprint
  • Credibility
  • Responsibility for measuring your impact
    • Contractually insist on visibility into KPIs
    • Dismiss clients that won’t provide KPIs

2. Setting Goals (and managing expectations)

  • New Revenue Assessment
  • How to forecast proactive growth

3. Right-to-Win (is not Like-to-Win)

  • What qualifies RTW
  • Why LTW is acceptable but a different strategy

4. Developing Your Offer

  • Value offer
  • Who is most likely to be impacted by the outcomes you deliver
  • Stakeholder
  • Competitor Review
  • Assessing market demand

5. Building a Communication Strategy (GD)

  • Tools
  • Cadence
  • ABM vs Demand Gen

6. Developing Content (GD)

  • Gaining Permission
  • Maintaining Permission
  • Subject Line Optimization
  • Crystal Knows

7. Successful (and realistic) Prospect Development (GD)