Your New Business Person Wears Too Many Hats

You have someone in charge of new business however you need additional help

When you say you have someone “in charge” of new business, is that you? …in your spare time? …while you’re running an agency? In reality you probably have -78% bandwidth to actually develop, execute or commit to a consistent new business strategy that’s hitting and exceeding monthly revenue goals. It happens – like most agency owners, you’re wearing multiple hats and working 60+ hours a week to barely push everything across the finish line.

Or is it the guy you hired for “new business” but you actually pull him in to onboard new clients, help out with reporting, sit in strategy meetings, and make coffee? Being pulled into a million different directions he likely hasn’t had time to implement a new business strategy, develop the right communication strategy or setup the needed technology stack to build a revenue-generating pipeline.

Whether you have an experienced new business person or not, we support our clients’ new business directors with a consistent strategy that engages and nurtures qualified prospects to the point of conversation or proposal.

Doesn’t that sound nice? The investment in a team of experts with the capability of committing your new revenue growth day-to-day will dramatically impact the quality and conversion of new client opportunities.

“We knew we needed to invest in a long-term, repeatable new business strategy and make proactive prospecting a bigger focus for our agency. Looking at creative ways to do this, we realized we had two choices, either hire in-house or outsource this function to an experienced new business firm, like Catapult.”

SVP Director of Business Development, Global Advertising Firm

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