Mandatory Technology for Agency New Business

Thursday, June 15th @ 12 PM EST

Most agencies are running their new business programs with as few human beings as possible. With fewer people, the need to be efficient and effective is paramount. Considering the martech space has expanded at an incredible rate, it can be difficult to know exactly which technologies will help and which will hinder your new business efforts. Agency efforts are different from other sales needs, so we want to concentrate on where your money and time is best spent to make technology your best tool to drive new business.

In our newest webinar, we are setting out to give our agencies this insight around technology that we see as the most effective for new business. Matt Chollet, EVP of Agency Growth at Catapult New Business, will discuss which types of technologies that you need and then offer suggestions from our extensive experience with different brands. We will look to conquer this in 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to take your questions live throughout!

What we will cover:

  • The best technology stack for agency new business
  • Small staff? Where technology can make you more efficient
  • Where to best spend your tech budget for more leads
  • Specific technology reviews used in agency biz dev