A Consistent Pipeline of Qualified Prospects is the Key Factor for Growth

You’re growing, but not in the strategic direction, or through the type of work you want to be doing for clients

“We’re growing, but not in the strategic direction, or through the type of work we want to be doing for clients.”

A consistent pipeline of qualified new prospects is the #1 most significant factor for agency health and growth. Whether you’re beginning to think about your exit strategy/acquisition or want to level the peaks and valleys of new revenue inconsistency, developing a proactive approach to driving new revenue dramatically changes your position.

We have this crazy belief that our agency clients should be able to do the work they love, with brands they get along with. There are approximately 1.9 quadrillion brands out there. The only reason that you aren’t working with the ones that you want, doing the work that you love, is because you don’t have a dedicated, proactive, consistent outbound process, enabling you to connect with qualified new business.

That’s why you hire us. Throughout our engagement, our team works directly with yours to identify the brands you’re uniquely positioned to win business from. We leverage our data prospecting tools to identify and segment accurate decision-maker data sets to fuel our sales and marketing outreach.

With a laser-focused sales roadmap and the appropriate new business process, resources and technology to support it agency growth is not only within your grasp but almost guaranteed.

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"Partnering with Catapult and leveraging their expertise has allowed us to focus our internal team’s time on closing qualified opportunities, knowing that the important work of prospecting and vetting future opportunities isn’t being pushed to the back burner.”

SVP Director of Business Development, Global Advertising Firm

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