New Business Process and Qualified Opportunity Pipeline

Case Study 2


Prior to doing business with Catapult, the two founders of this full-service market research agency were responsible for running the business, as well as handling the new business development.

With this model, they realized the need to bolster their efforts to drive revenue growth at a much quicker rate. The organization found itself torn between hiring a new business team internally or outsourcing.

“We considered hiring internally but ultimately understood that our lack of expertise in running a sales organization and setting up a sustainable new business process would hinder the agency long-term.”

– Principal


After exploring a variety of options, the agency came across Catapult. They immediately saw the value in our ability to establish a viable new business development operation around their revenue goals.

Catapult saw the opportunity to scale the agency by expanding its client portfolio and establishing a process for new business. In addition, Catapult has provided the agency with a guidance on positioning, coaching on sales call optimization, and recommendations on their capabilities decks and case studies to increase new business close rates.



Today, our client has a sustainable new business method that allows them to get in front of the decision makers of major brands and organizations. More importantly, they have closed several of their “dream” clients in the food and beverage categories because of the qualified opportunities generated by Catapult.

“Catapult helped us refine our sales structure and organization and gave us the tools to get in front of major organizations.”

– Principal