Case Study 10

Small, Female Owned Creative Agency


Needed Help With Global New Business

Needed Help With Global New Business

The agency partnered with us in March of 2020, the hardest hit month during the pandemic, and needed help with global new business efforts and spearheading lead generation in the Americas. The success of our partnership resulted in Catapult leading all new business efforts including the UK.

Implement a Non-Traditional Go-To-Market Strategy

Implement a Non-Traditional Go-To-Market Strategy

This agency is technically a sales organization so we presented a non-traditional go-to-market strategy because as they came to us well equipped with the tools in order to be successful. This resulted in

$7 Million in the Funnel

$7 Million in the Funnel

Within the first 3 months of our partnership we delivered 3 final meetings and 10 qualified opportunities with Fortune 100 companies resulting in $7 million in the organization’s sales funnel.


May 2020

Presentations with the largest companies in entertainments

Challenge – recognition of work and looking to get leads in right to win and needed more than referrals needed more traction more awareness

Solution – in the middle of pandemic we went after the largest brands n the world and used the work to their advantage in ways they had not thought of before. thought about pandemic proof industries/things that weren’t effective and make them powerful

Results – most recognizable distributive water brands

Wins in right to win verticals

Delivered on what their strength were


Generated 9 qualified opp in the pandemic

and 2 project wins