Now is the Time to Redesign Your Org Structure

Now is The Time to Redesign Your Org Structure

Growth-focused agencies should always be looking for new ways to improve their performance, but even more so now in our current economic and competitive climate — especially if your agency has had to reduce or furlough staff. Now, more than ever, agencies that have moved away from traditional hierarchical org structures have been able to adapt better and faster than others.

If you haven’t adjusted your org structure for our current reality, this is an area that can produce significant performance gains on many fronts — beyond what you may think is possible. But if you’re looking for best practices, you’re missing the opportunity in front of you. Your agency’s structure should generate a differentiating edge, and you won’t gain an advantage by copying what others have done. It’s time to break from legacy thinking and push toward new ways of reconfiguring your agency.

In this webinar, Brian Kessman, Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, speaks with our President, Matt Chollet, about why your agency’s org structure may be holding you back. Gain a new perspective, guidance, and next steps for redesigning your org structure to unleash your agency’s full potential. 

Key takeaways:

  • How structure can lift (or limit) creative services
  • How to tell good structure from bad structure
  • The benefits of moving away from “Project-Teams” to form “Creative-Product Teams”
  • How to uncover your agency’s “Value Architecture” as the foundation for optimal structure
  • How to create outcome-driven roles for accountability and entrepreneurial thinking
  • How to distribute authority for smarter, faster decision-making and action
  • How to assess your current structure and uncover new opportunities to improve your performance

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