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“How do I create a new business machine that works for my agency 24/7?”

Creating a consistent new business machine

What we describe as a 24/7 machine, is a new business program that doesn’t stop, end, become less important, or go on hold based on the ebb and flow of other billable priorities, a client loss, a client win or the RFPs and pitches that can bring proactive business development to a screeching halt.

Catapult’s clients agree that a proactive business development channel is the toughest to build out, and therefore the most abandoned channel by agencies after 120 days of trying to do it on their own.

Believing that a proactive strategy is also imperative for agency growth, our client’s invite us to become an extension of their team to build and implement a fully customized, scalable new business solution.

Catapult’s business acumen and experience combined with proven best practices and tools, brings discipline, focus, and accountability to a machine that never stops or stalls.

If agency growth is a priority and you’re struggling with where to start, take the first step and contact us today.