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Drive New Business Through Discipline, Focus and Moxie

Driving agency new business

The way we see it, the more we know about who you are, the greater the opportunity for success — for you, us, and the prospects you want to reach and engage as new clients.

Before we create anything that evolves or reshapes your new business strategy, we get to know you. What’s working? What’s not?

Then we work with you on a plan to find untapped opportunities by creating connections and shifting preference. Through our Insight-led and B2B marketing strategies, our team of experts are able to bring consistency, focus and accountability to agency growth.

Insight-led Marketing

Catapult uses its insight-led marketing and new business expertise to:

  • Identify targeting criteria to drive focused prospecting
  • Calibrate the agency positioning to be relevant to your “right” audience(s)
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing program and content strategy for new business
  • Implement the plan – we go to market as the agency brand
  • Using a leading CRM platform, manage the sales pipeline and relationships to uncover the “right” opportunities for the agency and the qualified prospect
  • Coach and collaborate with the agency on opportunity development
  • Nurture prospects and manage all communications in the sales cycle to improve sales productivity
  • Carefully transition the relationship to the agency to close

B2B Marketing

The account team utilizes a B2B marketing approach to develop initial interactions from which they are then able to form and build connections through true peer-to-peer dialogue:

  • Leading the development and implementation of a customized new business development strategy
  • Reviewing daily marketing news and intelligence from an array of trusted sources, where relevant stories are highlighted and investigated for agency new business opportunities
  • Conducting daily outbound prospecting; developing mutually beneficial relationships with those key prospects
  • Monitoring activity closely and evaluating program parameters weekly to improve outcomes