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How It All Started

Catapult New Business is recognized by its clients as one of the world’s most effective agency business development firms, identifying and winning the right new business opportunities with global and national advertisers throughout North America.

This success didn’t happen over night.

With humble beginnings on a laptop, with a single client (thank you FCB – Foote Cone Belding), and with a cat for a logo, Catapult New Business was established in the U.K. market in 2002 on the premise that helping agencies grow through identifying the right types of new business opportunities could be accomplished through a simple methodology; one that we’ve now successfully implemented hundred’s of times and scaled on a global level.

Catapult New Business expanded in 2005, partnering with Todd Knutson and his company The List, launching in the North American market with a founding client base that included some of the country’s most prestigious agencies.

Two years later, under the leadership of Dave Currie, Catapult New Business announced the acquisition of The List’s new business division First Visits, further expanding upon Catapult’s agency new business talent, capabilities and client roster.

By 2011, Catapult New Business had identified over a Billion dollars worth of the right new business opportunities for its agency clients, proving the methodology was not only a successful one, but scalable across small, medium and large agencies of all marketing disciplines.

Today, the laptop has become a network, the single client a portfolio of leading agencies and the cat, (although no longer part of our logo) enjoys her time living in the country on the outskirts of London.